Spiritual Heritage

Our spirituality is inspired by the vision of our foundress, Marie-Rose Durocher. What is admirable about her is the way she was able to integrate contemplation and action into her daily life. She had always been drawn to the mystery of God. She recognized God’s greatness: God who is the Author of all life and, at the same time, not distant but very close, a God who can wish her only well.

This habitual state of trust became an impetus to go out towards others. She made herself available to the inner calls and to fulfilling her mission, just like Jesus and Mary, whose names she wanted to proclaim. Religious ignorance, she would say, was the greatest evil of her time. The framework for her life was GOD PRESENT in her, around her, and in the people for whom she desired fullness of life.

On the occasion of the 2001 General Chapter, we revisited our spiritual heritage and affirmed that “Contemplation in action is the creative energy at the heart of our mission”. Thus, we seek to deepen our journey of faith and expand the circle of our sharing.

The expression of our spirituality has varied over the years. Mother Marie-Rose’s favourite hymn, “My Trust Lies in You” always expresses our community bonds.

Je mets ma confiance
(Translation – Sr Lorna Cooney, snjm)


O Virgin most holy,

my trust lies in you,

I pray you’ll protect me now

and all my life through. 


And when my life is over,

I’ll breathe my final breath,

Pray that I will be blest 

with a holy,  peaceful death.


My heart is full of hope

as you guide me on my way,

Be ever my companion,

each moment of the day.