Sister Thérèse Brisson

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto 
me” Matt. 25:40

On July 15, 2009, 
SisterThérèse Brisson,
her religious name, Sr. Marie Tarcissius
entered the House of the Father.
She was 78 years of age 
and had 55 years of Religious Profession.
Born in Ste-Barbe, Quebec, 
she was the fourth of six children 
born to Ovila Brisson and Aldina Dumouchel.

In 1951, Thérèse completed her studies at the Valleyfield Normal School and entered  the Novitiate.  She enjoyed teaching  primary school for twenty-four years. After a year of renewal, Sister was drawn to social service and collaborated with the staff of the Maison Essor in St. François-du-Lac, and later in St. Hubert for three years. 

During the next four years, she was the housekeeper at Maison du Père, (a home where homeless men can have a place to sleep). In the Diocese of Montreal. Thérèse was recalled to do some community service whereby she became a driver, a hairdresser, and was responsible for the linen room.

She devoted herself, for six years, to the house in Val Morin where she participated in the ministry of hospitality and the maintenance of the residence. Sister returned to Montreal where she  resumed the service of driver and performed other volunteer services at the Motherhouse and at Maison Jesus-Marie.

A companion who worked with her during her last years, speaks of the perfection of Thérèse’s work as seamstress and about her discretion concerning her own health  problems even though they were what brought her to her death.  “With such great care she repaired the linens for the sick!”  When I visited her a few days before her death Sister Thérèse, surrounded by medical equipment,  rather than talk about herself asked me,  ‘And you, how are you?’”

Thérèse was ready to meet Him who had become her servant for the Glory of the Father!