Sister Marie-Paule Mercille

“I will sing and make melody for you, O Lord.” Ps. 57(56)

March 3, 2015, Sister Marie-Paule Mercille,
in religion Marie-Berthe-Solange, 
went home to God. 

She was 87 years old and had been professed for 63 years.
Born in Montreal on June 30, 1927,
and baptized the following day at St-Clément de Viauville Church, 
Marie-Paule was the ninth of the ten children 
of Auguste-Noël Mercille and Berthe Blain. 

Marie-Paule was born and grew up in a large family to whom she remained deeply attached throughout her life. After her first three years of primary school at Pensionnat Ste-Émélie de Viauville, under the direction of the SNJM’s, she continued her studies at École St-Clément where she completed her ninth grade. In 1947, she received her eleventh grade certificate at the Ste-Martine Regional School and a certificate in homemaking skills.. That same year, she enrolled at the Institut Pédagogique with the CND’s and received a “Special Needs in Education” Certificate.

On January 24, 1950, Marie-Paule entered the SNJM Novitiate in Outremont. She already had a strong interest in prayer and a deep thirst for the absolute, which she found particularly through music. Having received a diploma in music from École Vincent d’Indy in 1946, she continued her studies in piano, violin and singing, while teaching music and singing, in our various boarding schools in Quebec for thirty-six years. Twenty-one of these years were at Pensionnat Marie-Rose. 

In 1984, she was assigned to Résidence Marie-Rose Durocher, in Montreal, where she set up her own music room for “teaching: piano and violin, and directing a small string ensemble, notably with a group of adults.”  Marie-Paule continued to study at Vincent d’Indy where she received several diplomas: in Gregorian chant, “violin” and in 1967, a Baccalaureate in music. But, it should be noted, that her goal for studying was always to spread the love for music in the milieus in which she lived. Her musical compositions were known throughout Quebec and were played especially at Canadian Music Competitions. Her name as an author: “L’û Nik”pretty well indicates Sister Marie-Paule’s personality : a determined, unique woman, for whom music brought pleasure and the thrill of discovery. 

In 2006, for health reasons, she was forced to give up teaching and moved to Maison Jésus-Marie in Longueuil where, while assuming a ministry of prayer, she always maintained her kindness and a smile for everyone she met.

On this third day of March, 2015, she was reunited with her heavenly family. It is written: “Those who praise God in heaven, do so with the help of musical instruments.” John the Apostle. 

Marie-Paule will certainly find a special place there!