Sister Lise Adam

“I will take you under my wing and I will guide you along paths unknown”

On October 5th, 2009, Sister Lise Adam,
Her religious name, Sister M. Claire-Hélène, 
entered the house of our Father

She was 73 years of age, 50 years of religious profession.
Born in Saint Mathieu de Beloeil, Quebec,
she was the last of 15 children
of Omer Adam and of Lea Lafontaine.

Applied, studious and determined, Lise studied with the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  She wrote:  “From the age of 13, I thought about religious life.  At Beloeil convent, I belonged to the Congregation of Mary:  a good preparation!  My older sister, Rita, was an SNJM sister.”  In this way, the Lord called her.

Lise’s professional career consisted of twelve years teaching elementary school, fifteen years in Sherbrooke as catechism teacher and ten years teaching mathematics and mostly French at Saint-Nom-de-Marie in Montreal.

Lise had a good influence on her pupils who adored her.  The young appreciated the dry sense of humour of their teacher and complied easily with her demands.  A laugher, a teaser, and very devoted, she got along well with her colleagues. She concentrated all her energy in her teaching milieu and she flourished.

The rapid changes in the school curriculum came at the same time as her rapid decline in health.  She retired from teaching and devoted herself to prayer.  From 1999, she moved permanently to our infirmary.  Progressively, Lise lost contact with the world around her, while in faith, she allowed the Lord to prepare her for the handing of herself over to Him to whom she had vowed, in the Beatific Vision.