Sister Laurette Tourigny

“Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit.” Lk 12:35

March 24, 2012, Sister Laurette Tourigny,
in religion Marie-Pierre-de-la-Passion went home to God.

She was 93 years old and had been professed for 76 years. 
Born in Ste-Eulalie de Nicolet, Quebec,
she was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Tourigny and Marie-Anne Leblanc.

Laurette characterized her childhood  as “a path of detachment mapped out by the Lord”. She was six months old when her mother died from the ‘Spanish flu’ and  five years old when her father died. “My uncle, who already had 7 children, adopted my brother and me… showered with affection, we were again able to blossom.” At the age of 8, she lost her aunt quite suddenly. The oldest child took care of the family and became her 3rd mother! At the local school, Laurette, weighed down by so much emotion, did not measure up to her full potential.

“Through a friend, I heard about the ‘Bluebirds’ of Hochelaga Convent, the meticulous formation given to learning domestic work as well as in the principles of Christian living. We decided to try out this adventure”.  Laurette was then 14 years old and knew that the Lord was guiding her. The following year, having decided to give her life to the Lord, she left Hochelaga to enter the SNJM postulate.

Sister Pierre-de-la-Passion made her profession when she was 17. As a resourceful and creative cook, she used her talents to serve her sisters. She was quickly chosen to be a nurse for our sick sisters.

“Serving both night and day, she assumed responsibility for those who were gravely ill, who had been operated on, and who were in agonizing pain. Sister Laurette did not consider her time, her trouble, her fatigue, and only served with great generosity. She excelled in everything, in humble and various care giving, and in the most perceptive, enlightening and valuable diagnoses.”

“Through her warm welcome, her thoughtful listening, and with great sensitivity, she knew how to tend to both physical and emotional wounds.”

Sister Laurette wrote: “Being involved, for a long time, with Sisters who were dying, was for me a source of grace and lifelong lessons; when facing death no one wears a mask. I would wish for only one thing: to do His will, in complete truth; from that comes peace of mind when facing God.”

Our Sister was ready “to fold up her apron” to meet the One whom she had served in her Sisters.

Thank you, Sister Laurette, for your faithfulness in dedicating so much time to prayer in the presence of Jesus in the chapel. Thank you for all that you accomplished, with such discretion, during your humble and awe-inspiring daily life.”