Sister Jeanne-Hélène Lemay

“Do what He tells you to do.”  Jn 2:5

December 3, 2009, Sister Jeanne-Hélène Lemay,
in religion, Marie-de-Fatima
went home to God at the age of 84.  
She had been professed for 61 years.

Born in St-Alexis des Monts, Quebec, 
she was the second of 14 children of 
Nestor Lemay and Rose-Aimée Lambert.

Woman of prayer, with a great love for the Eucharist, Sister Jeanne-Hélène had a special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, from whom she took her religious name. Her whole life was influenced by her interest in current events from around the world. She watched TV, read the newspapers, biographies and especially spiritual books.  She also loved to read the chronicles.

She taught for 24 years, 10 years at the elementary level, 10 years at the High School level and was in charge of the students for 4 years.  She loved teaching Mathematics and held very high standards for her students.

One person said that “Sister Jeanne-Hélène a very personable woman who easily formed relationships with everyone.” Her 4 years as secretary and receptionist at Saint-Pierre Apôtre rectory in Longueuil, was a great asset to her being with the public. She also worked in the areas of liturgy, arts and crafts and as a librarian.  But her diminishing health limited her activities.

When she was missioned to the Motherhouse, she was excellent with the sisters who were dying.  In 2006, she was admitted into the infirmary at Maison Jésus-Marie and it was observed that she had a steady stream of visitors.  At her death, Jesus and Mary, to whom she had prayed so fervently, were there to welcome her into a new life.