Sister Éliane Boulais

“Your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.”  Mt. 6, 32

November 15, 2011 Sister Éliane Boulais,
in religion Marie-Rose-Andrée,
went home to God. 
She was 78 years old and had been professed for 53 years.

Born in St-Hilaire on the Richelieu, Quebec,
she was the eldest of the four children of Achille Boulais and Laura Desjardins.

After completing her studies at the convents in St-Hilaire and Longueuil and at the École Normale de Saint-Lambert, Éliane taught for two years in the parish where she was born, before entering the SNJM Congregation. When she made her religious profession, Sister Rose-Andrée was put in charge of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at the primary level.

After her juniorate year, she embarked on a wonderful 40-year career as a mathematics teacher at the secondary level. For 19 years, Sister Éliane was greatly appreciated by the teachers and students in schools in Valleyfield and Bellerive.  She knew supported union activities which was not always easy. The following 13 years were spent at the ‘Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie’, a boarding school in Outremont,  where her never-ending enthusiasm was put to good use. What great care and attention she devoted to preparing her classes! When it came to her students she was competent and tenacious, awakening their interest and understanding.

For 15 years, three of which she was the local superior as well as teacher, Sister Éliane accepted to serve the community, particularly at the Résidence Édouard-Montpetit. Everywhere she went her artistic talents and creativity which were elegant and tasteful, enhanced community celebrations. A pleasant companion and open to others, Éliane formed deep and loyal friendships with her sisters and the members of their families. She knew how to share her longing for God: “He knows exactly what is right and good for us.”

Some of the people who knew her said the following things about her: 
“Loved and loving, Sister Éliane radiated a peaceful and kindly presence.”  “Éliane never spoke negatively about anyone; she was always respectful, devout and open to new things.”  She was,”discreet,   straightforward, and attentive…” “Her spirituality was mature, profound.“

Welcomed into our infirmary when her illness had rapidly progressed and her physical capabilities had diminished, Éliane maintained a remarkable zest for life; she was truly grateful for the care she received and remained courageous even though tears sometimes flowed. Éliane fully lived out her daily life so well that her swift death came unexpectedly!

Now with Jesus and Mary whom she dearly loved, her prayer must certainly now concur with a wish which she had written to a friend. “I wish you an openness to the call of the Spirit so that you may fully live out your daily life.”