Sister Claire Dupont

Get up and make your way down to the potter’s house.
There I shall let you hear what I have to say. Jer. 18:2

May 29, 2009, Sister Claire Dupont, 
her religious name, M.-Rose-Antoinette, 
went home to God at the age of 82 
having been professed for 62 years.

Born in Montreal, in Saint-Pierre-Claver Parish,
she was the fourth of six children.
Her parents were Henri-Jules Dupont and Antoinette Paquette.

After having taught elementary school for 13 years, she then taught Catechetics to high school students for the next 15 years.  During this time, she also oversaw their extracurricular activities especially “arts and crafts”.

Claire’s creativity, initiative and depth of her prayer life led her to launch an all-inclusive Christian spirituality project called “Le PAS” (Prayer, Arts, Service) at our old farm in Lachenaie.

This project grew and expanded throughout 28 years, hence our prophet, a decidedly “walk to a different drummer” person, attentive to daily events and the signs of the times, opened her doors and welcomed all those who were searching. During these “pottery retreats”, she invited the participants to experience and be fashioned by the Word of God.

Bringing with her the potter’s wheel and her clay, Claire moved the “PAS” to Montreal in 1999, and the ministry, in the form of retreats and days of recollection, continued.

Since 2006, illness kneaded the clay of her own body and spirit.  Regrettably, Sister Claire had to be admitted to the infirmary where the Divine Potter continued to mold and fashion her until He opened His arms to receive her in His love.