Sister Cécile Martin


“Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven…” (Mt. 5, 12)

July 19, 2017, Sister Cécile Martin,
in religion Marie-Robert,
went home to God. 
She was 89 years old and had been professed for 65 years. 
Born in St-David de Yamaska, Quebec, 
she was the 7th child  
of Léonard Martin and Parména Péloquin. 

After six boys, the 7th birth in this family brought a long-awaited girl! After the family moved to Montreal, Cécile attended École Sainte-Eulalie, followed by École Supérieure Marie-Immaculée, both directed by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Attracted to teaching, she continued her studies at École Normale de Valleyfield, graduated from there and was hired by the C.E.C.M. (Montreal Catholic School Commission) when she was 21 years old.

Cécile taught for a year and then, in January, entered the SNJM Novitiate in Outremont. During her first 29 years, Sister Marie-Robert taught children from grade 2 at the elementary level up to grade 10 at the secondary level. She later became Director of Students. Her enthusiasm shone forth at École Hudon and then at the Pensionnat de St-Chrysostome  and later at the Pensionnat Marie-Rose for 21 years. She paid special attention to poor and disadvantaged students, organized summer camps and found various ways to help them. Her approach with parents and young people was most heartwarming.

In 1980, Sister Cécile was appointed treasurer at Mont Jesus-Marie. Living at the Motherhouse at that time, she was also a group leader, worked in the Financial Services department and served as a provincial counselor. She later became local animator at Résidence Ste-Émélie, a position she held for 6 years.

She then moved to Résidence Marie-Rose-Durocher and took on the position of treasurer and was also responsible for major repairs.  She lived there for 11 years, the last two of which she was named the local animator. Sister Cécile then returned to Résidence Ste-Émélie for community services before being welcomed into Maison Jésus-Marie where her health gradually worsened.

Sister Cécile was recognized for her great sense of humor, her special gift for organizing times of leisure and her business acumen. She was a fan of various sports and greatly enjoyed watching hockey, baseball and tennis.

“Sister Cécile experienced times of light and times of darkness during her life. She tread paths strewn with suffering and accepted them in faith.” May the Lord of all peace and joy now fill her with the warmth of his loving presence!