1910-1977 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Anselme. Montreal, QC

Frontenac School (1910-1914), became Saint-Anselme Convent (1914-1919), then Saint-Anselme School (1923-1974)?

Located at 2743 Rouen Street, in the Hochelaga district, Montreal.

In 1919, the Sisters left the convent which was transformed into classrooms for Saint-Anselme School.

In 1923, the Sisters had a new residence (Saint-Anselm Convent).

When Saint-Anselm Convent closed in 1977, SNJM Sisters continued to work in teaching and ministry in the Hochelaga district.

Starting in 1970, SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Robert-Bellarmine School

Sainte-Brigitte School

Salaberry School

Chénier School, City of Anjou