1898-1981 | SNJM Convent, Disraeli (QC)

Disraeli Convent. 1898-1966

After 1966, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry within the community of Disraeli until 1981.

At the Disraeli Convent:

Parish School, which became Sainte-Luce School in 1910 (in a new establishment). 1898-1976

Petit college pour les garçons (School for young boys). 1936-1943

École ménagère (Home Economics School). 1942-1959

Marie-Rose Normal School (Teacher Training). 1956-?

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Disraeli Comprehensive High School

Pie XII School

School in Garthby

School in Beauceville

School in Saint-Prosper

School in Hauterive