1896-2011 | SNJM Convent, Sainte-Martine (QC)

Ste-Martine Convent. 1896-1970

After 1970, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry within the community of Ste-Martine until 2011.

Complementary text

Home Economics School – Family Institute. 1920-1970

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Sainte-Martine Secondary and Elementary School

Montpetit High School in Saint-Chrysostome (L070)

Marguerite-Bourgeois School in Châteauguay

Atelier du Bonheur (Workshop for mentally-challenged people) in Sainte-Martine

Saint-Paul School in Beauharnois (L230)