1884-1987 | SNJM Convent, Epiphanie (QC)

Epiphanie Convent. 1884-1973

The convent became Académie Saint-Alfred (1909), a primary-level Home Economics school (1932), a middle-grades Home Economics school (1941) and a boarding school for little boys (1937-1947).

After 1973, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in teaching and ministry with the community of Epiphanie until 1987.

Parish School. 1884-1940

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Papineau School. 1951-?

Mgr-Mongeau School. 1955-?

Saint-Guillaume School. 1972-?

Sainte-Anne School. Montreal, QC. 1891-1896

The Parish School, Immaculée-Conception (1886-1891) became the Sainte-Anne School (1891-1896) then Marie-Immaculée School in 1896.

* See Mont-Royal Convent (L052)