1866-1996 | SNJM Convent, Valleyfield (QC)

Valleyfield Convent. 1866-1969

In 1866, the convent was located at the corner of the streets de l’Église and de la Fabrique. In 1873, a new convent was built near the church on the south side of de l’Église (Church) Street.

1933 = fire. 1934 = reconstruction a little west of corner of Church Street and Larocque Road.

On the premises of the convent were housed:

Mgr-Émard Normal School (L022a). 1908-1968

Jesus-Marie High School. 1970-1979

Music classes. 197_-1996.

1981 = SNJM infirmary + Richelieu social services center.

1996 = sale.

SNJM Sisters, between 1887 and 1963, also worked at:

Sainte-Cécile Parish School

Saint-Nom-de-Marie School, later known as Sainte-Cécile School (old college)

Village School (corner of Jeanne-Mance and Marie-Rose)

Northern District School

Bellerive District School

New Salaberry School

Salaberry Regional High School

Jesus-Marie High School

Marie-Rose School, later known as Notre-Dame de Bellerive School. 1896-?

Notre-Dame-de-Fatima School

Sacré-Coeur School

Garneau School

Saint-Joseph School

Saint-Nom-de-Jésus School, later known as Saint-Laurent School. 1887-?

Even when they no longer lived in the convent, SNJM Sisters continued to work in teaching. See Bellerive Residence (L1971.11).

Saint-Nom-de-Jésus School. Valleyfield (QC). 1887-?

would become Saint-Laurent School

* See Valleyfield Convent (L022)

Saint-Nom-de-Marie School. Valleyfield, QC 1891-?

would become Sainte-Cécile School (old college)

* See Valleyfield Convent (L022)

Marie-Rose School. Valleyfield, QC 1896-

would become Notre-Dame de Bellerive School.

* See Valleyfield Convent (L022)