1860-1972 | Hochelaga Convent. Montreal, QC

Hochelaga Boarding School. 1860-1972

Located at 3587 Notre-Dame Street East, Hochelaga / Montreal.

1971 = sale. 1972 = departure and demolition.

Hochelaga Boarding School is also known by other names: Pensionnat d’Hochelaga; Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie; Couvent d’Hochelaga ; Hochelaga Convent; Convent of the Holy Name of Mary; Saint Mary’s Convent; Saint Mary’s Academy.

Novitiate and Motherhouse. 1860-1925

Daycare for young boys. 1928-?

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Saint-Nom-de-Jésus School (L084)

Baril School

St. Aloysius School

Saint-Joseph School, Hochelaga (QC).

Formerly the Parish School, which closed in 1863. SNJM Sisters continued to provide free education in Hochelaga Convent until its reconstruction in 1876, on the southeast corner of Hudon and Dézéry Streets. This school then took the name Saint-Joseph School. In 1928, it became Hudon School, then in 1931 Hyacinthe-Hudon School. 1860-1970

* See Hochelaga Convent (L011) and Maison de la Nativité (L060)