1853-1984 | SNJM Convent, Beauharnois (QC)

Beauharnois Convent. 1853-1984

Destroyed in 1952; construction of an SNJM residence on the same site in 1953.

The SNJM Sisters who lived at the residence continued to work in teaching and ministry within the community of Beauharnois until 1984.

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Parish School. 1853-1945

Marie-Rose School / Marie-Rose Elementary School / Jésus-Marie Elementary School. 


Notre-Dame School. 1954 / 1955-1978

École supérieure Jésus-Marie became Jésus-Marie High School (in 1956). 


Saint-Viateur High School

Saint-Clément School

Youville School of Business Science

Louis-Philippe-Paré Comprehensive High School, Châteauguay

Beauharnois Comprehensive High School