1850-1994 | SNJM Convent, Saint-Hilaire (QC)

Saint-Hilaire Convent. 1850-1963

SNJM Sisters first worked in a school (1850-1856), which became Sacré Coeur School which continues today, located on St. Hippolyte Street.

In 1856, construction of the convent.

After 1963, SNJM Sisters continued to live in the convent and work in Saint-Hilaire until 1994.

SNJM Sisters also worked at:

Saint-Hilaire School. 1920-?

Desrochers School. 1920-?

Hertel-de-Rouville School. 1920-?

Ozias-Leduc Comprehensive High School. 1920-?

Macdonald-Cartier Comprehensive High School. 1920-?