World Day of Social Communications

“Speaking from the heart” is the theme chosen by Pope Francis to mark the 57th World Day of Social Communications. In this way, he wishes to issue a twofold invitation: “to be able to communicate the truth in charity”.

His message is addressed to communications professionals without forgetting other people because communication is “the responsibility of everyone”. The pope reminds us that we are all “called to seek and speak the truth and to do so with charity.”

According to the Holy Father, the multiplication of conflicts and the tendency to polarize require a treatment of information that leads “people to reflect calmly, to decipher, with a critical and always respectful spirit, the reality in which they live. He wishes to avoid feeding “resentment that exasperates, generates anger and leads to confrontation”.

This day is an invitation to Christians to discover the world of the media, to take an interest in the Church’s means of communication, to support diocesan information and communication services and to pray for those who make a career in the field of communications.

Pope Francis’ message is available in English | Spanish | French.