Quebec Volunteer Week

In Quebec, the Fédération des Centres d’action bénévole (FCABQ) has chosen as its theme this year “Volunteering Changes Lives!”

Whether one volunteers out of passion or compassion, the FCABQ points out that volunteering changes the lives of the volunteers themselves. The general observation shows that volunteering has a real impact on the physical and psychological well-being of the volunteer.

It is also a way to break isolation, meet new people and do good in many ways. In short, “giving of oneself is first and foremost giving of oneself a moment of pleasure and well-being.”

Of course, volunteering changes the lives of those to whom we reach out: from people in great need (the elderly, the sick, etc.) to young people in their cultural, sports and other activities. Voluntary action contributes to the proper functioning of society. It is a “powerful source of collective wealth.

Thus, showing solidarity by getting involved as a volunteer is beneficial in more ways than one!