Universal Children’s Day

Celebrated on November 20 of each year since 1954, Universal Children’s Day promotes respect for children and their rights. Since 1990, it also marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This day, which takes place in 2022 under the theme “Inclusion, for every child”, is an invitation to all people to become aware of children’s rights, to put them forward and to give a voice to children, and this, at all levels: health, education, the fight against racism, bullying, sports… This day is a call to listen to children, their ideas, their expectations and to take concrete action. And to reflect on this quote:

“Nothing is more important than building a world in which all our children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and grow up in health, peace and dignity.” – Kofi A. Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations

How will you respond to Unicef’s question “What are you going to do?”