Quebec’s National Holiday

Quebecers are invited to proudly celebrate their national holiday under the theme “Our language with a thousand accents!

For the Mouvement national des Québécoises et Québécois and the Comité de la Fête nationale du Québec, “it is our language with a thousand accents that will enliven the celebrations of June 23 and 24! This year, we’re finally getting together: because we can’t wait to play harmonica, to swing the tray in the bottom of the wood box, to get dressed up on our 36, one St. John’s evening, like before, to say to each other while kissing: we’ve made it through. Our colorful expressions are part of our culture and our heritage and we want to give them a place of honor.

The 2022 campaign presents four festive expressions in the form of four posters. It is an invitation to celebrate on one of the many sites where activities are held and to see the show on the Plains of Abraham, broadcast on deferred television on Télé-Québec and on the radio on Rythme FM and FM93.

Happy National Day!