Quebec Waste Reduction Week

Since 2022, Semaine québécoise de réduction des déchets (SQRD) has been inviting people to explore one theme a month, all year long. The week is now celebrated year-round! The themes presented are repeated throughout the year, so that everyone can take the time to adapt their lifestyles, little by little.

Based on the idea that in order to change your habits, you need to practise them for 21 days, the Zero Waste Quebec organization wants to give you a whole month to experiment with new habits to reduce your daily waste.

Previous themes include:

  • Declutter to think less.
  • Rethinking our clothing consumption
  • Rethinking our use of packaging
  • Reduce food waste
  • Reduce at source
  • Rethink the economy… Reassess our needs.

To find out more, consult our monthly newsletters. In addition, the website features a section dedicated to tips on various aspects (in French only).

In October, Canada’s Circular Economy Month, the third week is dedicated to waste reduction. Its aim is to foster a better understanding of waste-related issues and potential actions to contribute to the transition to a circular economy. Seven themes are addressed to support the goal of waste reduction. Consult the web page presenting these themes.