National Volunteer Week

In Quebec, the Fédération des Centres d’action bénévole (FCABQ) has chosen the theme “Volunteering: it’s brilliant!” to mark the 50th anniversary of this recognition week.

With this theme, the Federation is highlighting the values and talents of volunteers, who, by getting involved, contribute to society while enlivening their living environment. This volunteer action is a way of “bringing a spark where more light will always be needed.”

Regardless of the nature and importance of the gesture made out of compassion or passion, taking part in voluntary action is stimulating for the volunteer. “First and foremost, it’s a gift to oneself in a moment of pleasure and well-being.” It’s also a way of improving the living conditions of those on the receiving end.

This statement is part of the same line of thinking deployed across the country under the theme “Every Moment Matters.” It’s a reminder that these collective efforts contribute to a decisive improvement in quality of life, and foster inclusiveness, resilience and community well-being.

In the U.S., Volunteer Week activities take place from April 21 to 27 (3rd week of the month). To find out more about the origin and nature of this week in the U.S., visit this page.

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