Month of Mary

It is the month of Mary, the most beautiful month of all.

To our beloved Mother, let us sing a new song. (Canticle)


But “What loves do we still treasure?” What about our love for Mary

and our way of expressing it today?


The following is a poem offered for our reflection. It is called Bellezza (The Beautiful One)


God is intriguing and God’s works are beyond our imagination.

God bent down and fixed his gaze on a particular woman.

God found beauty in her heart and loved her.

God looked at this woman –

this humble, poor, vulnerable member of the human race.

God looked in wonder at her and found her beautiful.

God chose her so that, through her, God could offer his Son to the world.


And from that time on,

all generations have proclaimed her blessed.


God gazed on this woman whose name was Mary

and this woman believed despite the darkness

and the doubts that filled her mind.

And so, through her body, God Himself was born,

bringing with Him both salvation and peace.


Now her name is forever praised

because God chose her, Mary,

one of us, our sister and mother.

Hail Mary, full of grace!

Source: Italian Religious Sister (adaptation)