International Museum Day

The creation of this day, which has been celebrated since 1977, sends out the message that museums are “an important means of cultural exchange and enrichment.” Museums also promote “mutual understanding, cooperation and peace between peoples.”

With this year’s theme “Museums, Education, and Research”, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) emphasizes the special role of cultural infrastructures in providing a holistic and integrated educational experience.

Every year, a number of events and activities are organized on or around the day, and even over the course of a week. Last year, over 37,000 museums in 156 countries took part in International Museum Day (IMD).

Since 2020, ICOM has been supporting several objectives from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In line with the 2024 theme, the focus is on the following goals:

  • 3 – Quality education
  • 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure

An invitation is extended to the entire population to come together and enjoy the museum facilities in their region. It is an opportunity to become aware of the potential of museums for sustainable development, well-being, collective enrichment and openness to diverse cultures.