International Day of Women’s Rights

Under the theme “Rising Up”, the Collectif du 8 mars intends to celebrate women’s victories and use the occasion to analyze the situation, take stock, encourage each other and mobilize.

The slogan takes into account the current context, with its questioning of achievements and instability.

“It’s rumbling inside, it’s rumbling outside, it’s rumbling everywhere. Inequality everywhere. Everywhere, violence. Everywhere, crises. Climate crisis, housing crisis, crisis of our public services, crisis of confidence in our systems. Our systems are failing, outdated, out of breath. We’re at our wits’ end too. We’re angry. And scared, sometimes. It’s true, our fire could be extinguished by our pain and our tears. But it doesn’t. It’s fanned, it grows. It feeds on the struggles of some, on the indignation of others. It rumbles, it boils and it fulminates. It will explode. It’s already exploding with the fire that can heal, that can unite. A fire that can change everything.”

The March 8th Collective brings together organizations from all walks of life, including the Association des religieuses pour le droit des femmes (ARDF), to which the SNJM has belonged since its inception.

As part of this day, and for the whole month of March, a number of activities will be organized by labour organizations and agencies across Quebec. You can follow the news on the Collectif’s Facebook page and on the websites of the various organizations.

Source illustration: Collectif 8 mars. Visual: Marianne Chevalier and Natalie-Ann Roy. Agency: Belvédère coop.