International Day of Action Against Dams and for Rivers

There are many activities taking place around the world that invite communities to speak with one voice about the importance of keeping our rivers alive. It is a day to remember that access to clean water is vital to all communities and that communities should have a say in the decisions that affect water availability.

This international day of action against dams and for rivers, water and life was born in Brazil in March 1997 during the first International Meeting of People Affected by Dams.

It is a call for equitable and sustainable management of rivers and for extreme vigilance as many rivers are in danger, even in areas that are said to be protected!

No less than 1249 dams have been erected on rivers in protected areas, while more than 500 more are planned, according to statistics from a European NGO. ERN is committed to the preservation and sustainable management of rivers and water resources. It develops awareness-raising and educational campaigns on this subject.

In Quebec, the Fondation Rivières plays (in French only) a role in raising awareness. Recently, it published an article underlining the fact that water is the forgotten factor when it comes to the impacts of the Northvolt project (in French only). Other initiatives to protect or revitalize watercourses are underway across Quebec, notably in the Outaouais region. Watch a video on agriculture and water ((in French only)) in relation to Rivière Centrale in northeastern Bas-Saint-Laurent.