Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

To love Mary, to honor her on this day of September 12th, is to bring to life the heritage bequeathed by Mother Marie-Rose to our Congregation whose motto is: Jesus and Mary, my Strength and my Glory.

Throughout her life, our foundress placed her trust in Mary, she relied on her in her apostolic action as well as in her hours of darkness and suffering. Mary was always her inspiration, her confidant and her strength of hope.

Mother Marie-Rose’s spiritual experience shines through in her personal letters, which affectionately end with an invitation to “find yourself in the hearts of Jesus and Mary”.

To learn more about the maternal presence of Mary in the life of Mother Marie-Rose, consult the reflection text by Sr. Simone Perras here.

A document to celebrate this day has been produced as part of the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM). It is available in PDF format.