Development and Peace Campaign – Recovering Together

The context of the health crisis influenced the choice of the theme “Recovering Together” for Development and Peace-Caritas Canada’s new national campaign. Through a webinar, the organization invited its supporters to “mobilize for social, economic and environmental justice in Canada and in the Global South. »

Recalling that the most vulnerable in our society, including refugees, women and indigenous peoples, are more severely affected by the consequences of the health crisis, the organization is calling for unity in facing the major challenges caused by the pandemic.

“Our 2020-2021 campaign, Recovering Together, intends to respond to the call of Pope Francis. It is also part of a global movement for recovery centered on the environment and social justice,” says Development and Peace-Caritas Canada.

In addition, international development and social justice organizations in Canada, including Development and Peace, have worked together to establish six principles for a just recovery in line of Laudato Si’

At the same time, an ecumenical initiative called “For the Love of Creation” was established by Canadian Churches and faith-based organizations. An online petition for climate action, indigenous rights and international solidarity has emerged from this initiative and is available here.