Clean Air Day in Canada

Clean Air Day in Canada on June 8, 2022 emphasizes the importance of clean air to our health, environment and economy. In the context of a changing climate with more frequent weather events (forest fires, floods, etc.), air pollution is expected to get worse, according to experts.

Despite this, there is some good news. There has been an overall decrease in air pollutant emissions since 1990 (latest report on Canada’s air pollutant emissions). Moreover, each individual can contribute to this reduction and fight against climate change by adopting simple and accessible measures such as:

  • Compost and reduce waste
  • Planting trees
  • Change your diet to increase plant-based foods
  • Use public transportation more or adopt an active mode of transportation such as cycling or walking
  • Drive an electric car
  • Take the train instead of flying
  • Limit the use of combustion sources such as incense, wood stoves, etc.

Watch the video 5 Ways to Reduce Traffic Related air Pollution.