Celebration – Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher’s birthday

October 6 is a memorable date for the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM). It is the date of birth (1811) and death (1849) of their foundress, Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher.

Mother Marie-Rose, superior of the first Canadian Congregation of women religious teachers dedicated to the education of girls in the countryside, shared her prophetic vision. From its foundation, the SNJM Congregation, focused their pedagogy on encouraging and empowering students to learn rather than focusing on punishment. We strive to develop the growth of the whole person

Beginning in the 1960s, the SNJM’s followed the inspiration of Blessed Marie-Rose in responding to new needs. It has collaborated in many causes for justice and continues to do so in solidarity with current challenges:

  • Corporate stands on the trafficking of women, access to drinking water, migrants and refugees,
  • Working in collaboration with NGOs, literacy, immigrant reception and human rights organizations.
  • Spiritual and psychological accompaniment and parish work.

To commemorate this anniversary, Sr. Simone Perras prepared the following prayer:




Loving God, you called Eulalie Durocher into life

and you led her to places she would never have imagined.

You called her by a unique name known only to You.

You made her aware of the slightest movement

of the Spirit,

You shaped her path according to the rhythm of your calls.

You gave her the strength to commit her whole being

to following Jesus and Mary

with love, trust and openness.

We give you thanks

and ask you to strengthen our gift of self each day. Amen.