PLT’S Annual Visit Under the Theme of Gratitude

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To celebrate the life and the 180-year history of the Congregation, members of the Province of Quebec’s Leadership Team (PLT), during their annual visit, invited the Sisters to share the highpoints of their lives in the Congregation.

It was a time for sharing and gratitude for all that has been achieved since the foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) in 1843, by Eulalie Durocher (Mother Marie-Rose).

For some, the transfer of Mother Marie-Rose’s tomb from the Motherhouse in Outremont to the Marie-Rose Chapel in the Co-cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue is an exceptional moment. This moment is significant in many ways:  especially the return of the remains of the Foundress to the place where she took her vows (in the parish Church) and where the Congregation, dedicated to the education of young girls, focused on the full development of the person, was founded(Longueuil).

Older members recalled the festivities surrounding the 150th anniversary of the Foundation. Others mentioned their move of the Sisters from the Motherhouse in Outremont to Longueuil, with all that this implied in terms of renunciation and change. Still others spoke of the anniversaries of their religious life (50th, 60th,…), the joyous moments shared with family members and life companions.

Other facts among the most recent events, was the rituals surrounding the departure of the Sisters from the Congregation House and the deconsecration of the chapel with the transfer of the sacred species.

Many reasons for hope

During this gathering, the Sisters from both pavilions were invited to express their hopes for the future. Spontaneously, many pointed to the presence of young partners on the Quebec SNJM Justice and Peace Committee. The recent meeting with these three university students raised enthusiasm among the Sisters, who realized that the work done around the three corporate stands would be continued, taking into account today’s realities.

The achievements of the private corporations responsible for the former SNJM schools are also revealing. Not only have they taken up the torch, they are carrying it high and carrying it even further.

Other reasons for hope some Sisters pointed to the recent creation of the Eulalie-Rose Foundation and the activities of several organizations, some of which proudly bear the name of the Foundress.

Despite the challenges, Province of Quebec Leadership Team (PLT) members Sisters Claudette Bastien, Denise Riel and Lisette Boulé have responded positively to the call to extend their mandate for a further two years.

Extension of mandate

This annual visit, which took place from February 13 and 15, followed closely on the heels of another important meeting held on February 9.

Convened by the Groupe de coresponsabilité du Québec (GCQ), the meeting provided an opportunity to refer to the progressive change model and to discuss the Congregational Leadership Team’s (CLT) recommendation to extend the term of office of the PLT members by two years, until 2026.

“In a unanimous vote, the assembly confirmed its support for the extension of the mandate…”. The hearty applause testified “to the commitment and response of each Sister present, each in her own way…” while demonstrating “the richness of our collective soul as a province”, Sr. Jacqueline Aubry underlined in her report on the event.

Photo credit: Sr. Suzanne Brault