Saint-Timothée: Recognizing The Legacy Of Blessed Marie-Rose

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On September 10, as part of the Journées du patrimoine religieux (Religious Heritage Days), Saint-Timothée Parish in the Valleyfield Diocese, organized a celebration and presentation on the life of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher. The event brought together parishioners and former students of the Saint-Timothée convent.

The initiative for this activity came from the parish priest, André Lafleur, a family friend of Sr. Gabrielle Brunet, snjm, well known in nearby Saint-Louis-de Gonzague. Recognizing the important role of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) in his community, Father Lafleur wanted to recall and keep alive the legacy of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher.

Sister Gabrielle Brunet, snjm

Sr. Gabrielle was given the delicate task of presenting a brief account of the life of Mother Marie-Rose, beatified in 1982. After recounting her childhood in broad outline, Sr. Gabrielle emphasized her great piety and her ability to welcome and listen to young and old alike. A pastoral care worker, long before the term was defined, Mother Marie-Rose, known then as Eulalie Durocher, was involved in many ways in the Beloeil region, as the speaker pointed out.

“Around 1835, the Richelieu region was going through a difficult period… Eulalie visited families, bringing provisions and encouraging the most destitute. She involved children and young women in this mission. Concrete signs of her zeal and concerted action can be seen…”

Before concluding her talk, Sr. Gabrielle recalled Mother Marie-Rose’s determination to give priority to a full and complete education for young girls, so that they could assume the pivotal role within the family.

A brief history of the founding of Saint-Timothée

This vision of the SNJM’s foundress led her to work hard despite the limited resources of the young Congregation, founded in 1843. She herself accompanied the first four Sisters sent to found the Saint-Timothée convent in September 1848.

The request came from Father Joseph Olivier Archambault, a cousin of Mother Marie-Rose. Before welcoming them, the Abbé had the chapel, built in 1819, enlarged. The convent was replaced by a new building in 1885. The SNJMs worked there until July 31, 1968.

First convent in Saint-Timothée, founded by Mother Marie-Rose

Throughout the 120 years of their presence, the SNJMs welcomed primary and secondary school pupils, boarders, day pupils and students from the parish school to the convent. As early as 1955, Sisters taught at École Marie-Rose, and in 1965, at École secondaire Saint-André (High School).

Gathering and donation

During the gathering, in addition to speeches by Curé Lafleur and Sr. Gabrielle, a statue and a relic of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher were donated to the parish. These precious objects will serve as a reminder of the importance of the SNJMs to the parish community.

This was followed by light refreshments, during which those present shared memories and anecdotes. Sister Gabrielle Brunet was accompanied by Sisters Lisette Boulé, provincial councillor, and Thérèse Laplante, until recently in charge of the Centre Marie-Rose.

Former students of the Saint-Timothée convent with SNJM Sisters and members of the team who organized the event.

Source photo: Paroisse Saint-Timothée, diocèse de Valleyfield and Service central des archives SNJM