Transfer of the Eucharistic Presence: A Solemn Moment Filled With Hope

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In a solemn and silent atmosphere, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) transferred the Eucharistic Presence from the chapel of the Congregation House to that of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM), on September 15.

This rare event brought together many of the Sisters who have lived at the Congregation House as well as members of the lay staff. In her brief address, Sr Denise Riel, provincial animator, underlined, with great sensitivity, the feelings of the Sisters present.

“We can live this nostalgic moment, with sadness, and certainly with memories. Memories because the Congregation has been in this chapel for 180 years. We have prayed, we have celebrated, we have met – all in the footsteps of our foundresses. We can give thanks to the Lord and live this moment in joy and hope.”

After listening to a recording of the “Ave Maria”, Sr. Simone Perras underlined these last moments of religious life in this building, that has seen the SNJM Congregation grow and change its vocation over time.

“Today, we are called to live another moment of faith, that of the transfer of the Eucharistic Presence, to Maison Jésus-Marie while remembering that Jesus has always accompanied us, that God is eternally faithful, and that God constantly invites us to pass from one shore to the other with the guidance of the Spirit.”

Sr. Linda Haydock, Superior General then, presented a message on behalf of Mother Marie-Rose, inviting the Sisters to live this passage in faith. The official ceremony began when Sr. Lucile Potvin removed the Eucharistic Presence from the tabernacle of the chapel altar.

Surrounded by Sisters Florence Vinet and Constance Létourneau, she led the procession to the MJM chapel, followed by the Sisters and lay staff who attended.  On leaving the chapel, the Sisters took a rose with them to place in a vase, near the statue of Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher, in the chapel of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM).

Upon arrival, Sister Michelle Gouin, overseer of the liturgy, took the Eucharistic Presence and placed it in the tabernacle.

Addressing the audience and the Sisters who were following the closed-circuit ceremony, Sr. Denise Riel reminded them that this pilgrimage was, in a way, a confirmation of the MJM’s role as Motherhouse for the Quebec Sisters. She also affirmed that God’s presence would continue at the Congregation House through the mission lived out there by those currently working in the building and those in the future as well.

Sr. Simone Perras offered a final prayer before the entire audience was invited to sing the beloved Congregation-wide hymn “Je mets ma confiance” (I place my trust), at the end of the ritual.