Mobilization Continues Around Tenants’ Rights

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Mont-Carmel residents are as determined as ever to ensure that their rights are respected. “Our determination to pursue our efforts to assert our rights is as energetic as ever, especially as we can count on the unfailing support of so many people who have accompanied us through the legal proceedings to date”, declared Constance Vaudrin, member of the Sauvons le Mont-Carmel committee.

Following the Quebec Superior Court’s ruling last July confirming the jurisdiction of the Tribunal administratif du logement (TAL) to judge the dispute between the company headed by Henry Zavriyev and the residents of Mont-Carmel, the latter see some positive elements. “This decision clarifies the issue of the TAL’s jurisdiction and sets the stage for the next steps in the case concerning the change of use of the building, which we are opposing,” explains Normand Breault, also a member of the Sauvons le Mont-Carmel committee.

It should also be noted that this ruling does not affect the other two cases before this Court. A hearing is scheduled for later this month to consider the claim for damages for breach of lease. Hearings in the second case, concerning the charge of contempt of court, ended on July 11. Mont-Carmel residents are awaiting the Superior Court’s decision.

At the same time, several groups are mobilizing to defend tenants’ rights. The Mont-Carmel residents’ committee is inviting interested parties to take part in the demonstrations organized by the Regroupement des Comités de logement et associations des locataires du Québec (RCLALQ). Both will be held simultaneously in Montreal and Quebec City on Saturday, September 16, to oppose Bill 31, which among other things deals with lease transfers.

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