Birthdays Celebrated Under the Theme “The Colors of Our Lives”

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It was a day of celebration on May 19 at Maison Jésus-Marie as we celebrated the birthdays of all SNJM Sisters and Associates. This annual event took place in a festive atmosphere, highlighting the importance of this gift of life for each of us.

Sr. Lorna Cooney, the MC, mentioned that the weight of the years should not make us forget the impact that each person has had on the lives of many others around them. This moment of reflection paved the way for a small, convivial activity in which everyone could participate together to work on the theme “The Colors of Our Lives” to express the diversity of emotions throughout our lifetime. Participants used a variety of colored pencils and pastels to indulge in a little creative fun.

“Our theme song Take Life, invites us to live life to the full, with all its colors, grays and azures, greens and yellows, shadows and lights,” said Sr. Lorna. “With a painter’s brush in hand, and with God, the Master Painter as our guide and inspiration, we paint the canvas of our own lives and add a few colors and designs to the canvas of the lives of the people we meet along the way.”

After this, a little game was played whereby we discovered those who were born in the same month as us and led to a few minutes of sharing. This was followed by a blessing and refreshments, as well as an opportunity for everyone to strike up conversations with others.

The Sisters and SNJM Associates present greatly appreciated this delightful get-together, which also brought a touch of both color and joy! The event was organized by committee members Srs Lisette Boulé, Lorna Cooney, Hélène Harvey and Ms.  Marianne Daudelin.  Associates Beverly Redmond, Richard and Brenda Brisebois provided the musical accompaniment.

If you didn’t participate, know that the message conveyed at this meeting could help anyone realize the importance of this gift of life. Here is a quote from a Quaker missionary mentioned in Sr. Lorna’s presentation: “I’m only going to be in this world once. Therefore, all the good I can do or all the care I can show toward a human being, I must do now.”

Photos credit: Sr Hélène Harvey