Another Remarkable Concert by Polymnie at Maison Jésus-Marie

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Vocal ensemble Polymnie gave a superb concert at Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) on May 28. Under the theme “Peace and Light”, the concert featured Luigi Cherubini’s Requiem in C minor. The choristers were conducted by Alexis Desrosiers-Michaud and accompanied by Anne-Marie Denoncourt on piano.

Sr Marie-Paule Demarbre, snjm, who attended the concert

Luigi Cherubini was born in Florence, Italy. He lived through the many storms of French history, including the Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire. He composed this piece in memory of Louis XVI in 1816. This composer was admired by Berlioz, Schumann and Wagner. His opera Médée has been sung by Maria Callas and others.

In the second half, the vocal ensemble performed works by Péteris Vasks, Edgar l. Bainton, Arvo Pärt, Randall Thompson and Johann Sebastian Bach.

The musical performance lived up to the reputation of the vocal ensemble. The audience enjoyed every moment of the concert.

To learn more about the composer (in French only)

Photos credit Sr Suzanne Brault