A Symbolic Tree Planting for the Sisters of Maison Jésus-Marie

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The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) held a ritual planting and blessing of three rosebushes on May 10.

Sr Jacqueline Aubry, snjm

This event is part of the Thresholds of Transformation year-long transformative process. It is a symbolic and logical continuation of the first meeting where reference was made to “the hidden life of trees, their life in community in an invisible, inclusive and nourishing culture.”

“We learned that…trees are unconditionally there for each other. What a beautiful metaphor!” mentioned Sr. Jacqueline Aubry during the celebration. Rosebushes, instead of trees were planted on the property of  Maison Jésus-Marie. As Sr. Jacqueline reminded us, they symbolize personal and community commitment to the process.

A Symbolic Reminder

During the celebration in the chapel, three representatives from the St. Charles Pavilion and the three members of the coordination team of the St. André Pavilion, sprinkled water on the rosebushes as a symbolic gesture of commitment to transformation.

Sr Luce Boyer, snjm

The Sisters then processed outside for the planting of the three rosebushes around the statue of the Virgin Mary. Those who could not attend, watched the scene from the top of the walkway or from the windows overlooking the green space. The statue of the Virgin is a place where many Sisters like to go and pray.

In addition to enhancing the area, the rosebushes around the statue and the symbolism of the tree, remind us of the community’s commitment to the upcoming stages toward transformation, as noted by Sr. Constance Létourneau pointed out during the celebration.

“… The tree is a living organism, constantly growing, in continual transformation. No tree is alone. Trees form a kind of community of care for each other and for all that surrounds them. To be transformed, we need each other.

We can associate the symbol of the tree with our SNJM community. Throughout its history, it has undergone trials, it has experienced changes. Today, our community is still seeking to transform itself, to adapt, to open itself to new things, to create, to give itself new resources. Women and men collaborate with us, partner with us, share our spirituality and pursue the SNJM mission. All of these partners nurture the growth of our SNJM tree and keep it alive.”

Photos credit: Sr. Hélène Harvey, snjm