Tributes to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Vincent d’Indy Inter-Student Competition

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The 50th anniversary of the Inter-Student Competition, a flagship event of École de musique Vincent-d’Indy (EMVI), was an opportunity to pay tribute to the artisans of this musical competition. Sr. Marie-Paule Provost, SNJM received a posthumous tribute, while Hélène Garceau and Thérèse Marcy were also recognized. Those in charge of the event wished to highlight their great contribution to the success of this extensive competition.  

Julio Gonzalo, assistant director, and Mélissa Faustin, coordinator of musical projects at the time of paying a posthumous tribute to Sr Marie-Paule Provost, SNJM

Sr. Violette Blais, SNJM, was happy to listen to the students, to speak with those present and to receive the tribute on behalf of her colleague Sr. Marie-Paule Provost who had been the Affiliate Teacher Leader for 10 years and the Academic Director of EMVI for seven years. Since 1989 the Marie-Paule Provost trophy has been awarded annually to the student with the highest post-graduate average.  

Mrs. Hélène Garceau and her spouse during the 50th edition of the Vincent-d’Indy Inter-student Competition which paid tribute to her.

The organizers also paid tribute to Ms. Hélène Garceau for her contribution as head of the institutional programs and the Inter-Student Competition from 2004 to 2017 and for creating the duets and trios category at the competition. A trophy in her name has been awarded since 2017 to the students who obtained the highest score in their instrument category in duets or trios.

Mrs. Thérèse Marcy, responsible for organizing the Inter-Student Competition from 1988 to 2004 also has a trophy in her honor to reward students in the concert category that she created. 

The Inter-Student Competition brings together some 350 participants annually. They benefit from the institution’s educational program through dozens of affiliated teachers, by discipline and by level (from 1 to 9).

The event takes place over three weekends and concludes with two days of gala concerts. Awards are given to the top three winners in each category. With the support of partners, more than $16,000 was awarded to the winners in the form of scholarships, gift cards, etc. “The Inter-Student Competition is a great incentive for young musicians to surpass themselves and persevere,” said Julio Gonzalo, Assistant Director at the Vincent d’Indy School of Music.

As Sr. Marie-Paule wrote at the 15th edition of the competition held in 1988, “As long as there are teachers affiliated with the Vincent d’Indy School of Music willing to improve their teaching, to help their students to gain a better understanding and a greater love of beautiful music; and as long as there are volunteers, our competition will always bring a boost to the students’ musical world.”

A student during his performance at the gala concert of the EMVI Inter-student competition.

Photo credit: Vincent-d’Indy School of Music