A Shocking Documentary on Renovictions and the On-Going Struggle of Mont-Carmel Residents

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The resistance of the elderly tenants of the Mont-Carmel Residence is the subject of a documentary on the harsh reality of renovictions. Journalist Noémi Mercier of the Noovo channel takes the audience behind the scenes of the on-going struggle of these seniors who are determined to assert their rights. We are promised an intimate and endearing, not to say moving, portrait of the situation in which people over 80 years old are immersed.

Identified as a private residence for seniors (RPA), the Mont-Carmel residence in Montreal was purchased by Henry Zavriyev, a real estate developer. He is known to use many schemes to evict tenants. His goal is to renovate the building in order to re-rent it or sell it for more money. It is in this spirit that the new owner decided to withdraw the RPA certification for this building, thus depriving all the tenants of the various services attached to this certification.

Since then, the Mont-Carmel Residents’ Committee has obtained an order to maintain Mont-Carmel RPA status. This order was renewed on March 20th and extended the certification until September 18, 2023. This is another victory for the residents, who unfortunately must continue their struggle to have their basic needs respected, particularly in terms of security.

Thus, on February 28, the Committee sent a formal notice to ensure compliance with the standards set out in the RPP regulations, such as the watertightness of fire doors and the provision of a “call for help” system for each resident. This new action is part of the follow-up to the February 10th order in connection with the case of a lawsuit for damages for non-compliance with leases.

This is in addition to the proceedings before the Administrative Housing Tribunal (AHT) and the hearings on various aspects to be held at the Superior Court scheduled for May. In short, the Mont-Carmel Residents’ Committee is still forced  to fight against the measures taken by the owner. To keep up with this saga, visit the Committee’s Facebook page. (French only) 

The documentary will initially be broadcast on Crave TV on May 3rd.  A broadcast on May 12th at 9pm is planned on Noovo and will then be available on Noovo.ca  and Noovo.info

Watch the trailer of the documentary. (French only)