Tel-Aide Région du Suroît Pays Tribute to Sr. Thérèse Soucy

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Last November 4, during an event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Tel-Aide région du Suroît organization, the administration paid tribute to Sr. Thérèse Soucy for her innovative ideas and her commitment to the community.

Ms. Francine Douaire, the emcee of the evening, emphasized Sr. Thérèse’s innate ability to “organize projects, work in a team, and lead groups. Inventive, she knew how to find solutions. With her ability to bring people together, she called upon key people who would be enthusiastic and energized by this same spirit and who would have favored the birth of Tel-Aide. The project led to the creation of four initial groups of 10 people.”

A continuing need

Soucy Thérèse

Sr. Thérèse Soucy worked as a pastoral teacher at Valleyfield High School for many years before retiring. Very sensitive to the realities of her community and in collaboration with the people of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, she set up a listening center in 1982. Her goal was to help people living in all kinds of difficult situations and struggling with mental health problems.

This innovative idea of Sr. Thérèse is more relevant today than ever. Since the pandemic, the organization is facing a constant growing need. This was also an opportunity to highlight the collaborative approach and, above all, the spirit of Sr. Thérèse, which she shared with the volunteer listeners.

Touching tributes

Claude DeBellefeuille, Member of Parliament for Salaberry-Suroît, gave a poignant testimony underlining the contribution of Sr Thérèse in her life.

Ms Claude DeBellefeuille, Member of Parliament for Salaberry-Suroît, gave a poignant testimony, according to those present. “Sr. Thérèse has transformed my life. She enlightened my path and showed me how to take care of those who are most needy. This has marked my whole life,” she said in a speech marked by sincerity in both tone and words. She had also been a volunteer helper at Tel-Aide for a several years. Other people testified to the significant impact of Sr. Thérèse on their lives.

The event also included speeches by Henri-Paul Munger, representative of the organization’s Board of Directors, Claude Reid, MNA for Beauharnois, and Miguel Lemieux, Mayor of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. The administration of Tel-Aide also unveiled a commemorative plaque in honour of Sister Thérèse Soucy and named a room in the organization’s facilities “Salon soeur Thérèse Soucy”. The emcee took this opportunity to thank all the partners and especially the  volunteer helpers.

In conclusion, let us mention that the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) were represented by Sr. Lise Gendron and Mrs. Janine Lefebvre, SNJM associate.

Sr. Lise Gendron with volunteers from the Tel-Aide Suroît region.

Source photo : Tel-Aide region of Suroît