SNJM Missionary Expo-Sale: Committed witnesses

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The success of the 2022 Missionary Expo-Sale is the fruit of a beautiful participation of the Sisters of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) and of lay people, knitters and others, who came to admire and buy the beautiful handicrafts. “All the companions of Maison Jésus-Marie wanted to respond to the invitation of Pope Francis to “be witnesses”, enthusiastically notes Sr. Suzanne Lavallée, organizer of this project which is in support of World Mission Sunday.

Once again, this year, there were beautifully knitted items, from the little bonnet for premature babies to the tuque, as well as mittens, scarves, sweaters along with some handicrafts. These various articles are the work of about thirty Sisters and lay people who use their talents throughout the year. Alone or by getting together to share, they combine the useful with the pleasant: to break their solitude, to share ideas with each other and to participate in this great project of mutual aid toward the larger community.

The mission is ageless among SNJM’s and their secular friends

This is the observation that we make. We must see the commitment of those who knit as well as those who organize the exhibition by arranging the hundreds of articles on the tables in the lobby of MJM. In addition to the logistics and welcoming visitors, it is also necessary to collect everything at the end of the sale before redistributing what has not been sold to several organizations. Items are sorted and stored in multiple boxes for delivery a few weeks later.

From left to right, we recognize the members of the team: Sisters Monique Pomerleau, Suzanne Lavallée, Yolande Crépeau, Lorraine Bouffard, Pierrette Panneton, Monique Gendron and Suzanne Morin.

“It’s quite an operation for young people like us whose average age is 89,” quips Sr. Suzanne. No matter how tired they are, it is the satisfaction of bringing a little warmth and joy to many people that fuels their desire to participate in this mission.

In addition to organizations such as the Fondation du Dr Julien, l’Entraide Chez Nous, the Société Saint-Vincent de Paul and the premature baby unit at Sainte-Justine Hospital, many of the warm woolen items are donated to organizations that help the homeless. The money raised from the sale is also distributed to these and other organizations, notably to offer a Christmas dinner to young people.

In closing, let us recall that during the celebration of Mission Sunday, some of the SNJM missionaries throughout the years, were present.

Photo credit : Sr Suzanne Brault