Provincial Renewal: Touching and nourishing moments

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Under the theme “Words of Trust”, the provincial resourcing meeting was the scene of great moments of interiority. During the day of November 25, Colette Beauchemin, pastoral agent for the diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, led a beautiful journey in a language accessible to all.

Using a few biblical stories, Ms. Beauchemin led her audience to explore and meditate on the Word that awakens and nourishes trust in each person. In the first part, the participants reviewed the Bible text about Elijah taking refuge in the desert. The facilitator stimulated reflection on what it means to be faithful to the mission of the baptized, a mission that is not always easy.

Punctuated by music and moments of meditation and prayer, the meeting continued in the afternoon, this time exploring the text on the resurrection of Lazarus and eternal life. All in nuance, the words expressed made a lot of sense.

Colette Beauchemin, pastoral agent

A sharing at the end of the meeting allowed us to take the full measure of this day of renewal. “It was very touching to hear the reactions of the sisters. We felt how nourishing this meeting had been”, underlined Sr. Claudette Bastien, Provincial Councilor.

This day of renewal was seen as a blessing as it brought together again the sisters living outside Maison Jésus-Marie and the residents. It was the first time in two and a half years that such a meeting was held, previously organized once or twice a year.

This success is due in large part to the quality of the resource person, who is known for her experience and her great ability to approach these biblical themes with simplicity. Ms. Beauchemin is a trainer in symbolic biblical catechesis and co-founder of the Association québécoise de catéchèse biblique symbolique.

Photo: Sr Suzanne Brault