Missioning: A Call to Inner Transformation

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Sr Denise Riel, provincial animator

“Whatever age we are, the theme ‘Let Us Embrace the Newness of the Spirit’ is about us. It is both profound and very current. It encourages us to look at the present and the future with discernment and hope…” underlined Sr. Denise Riel, provincial animator, during her presentation on October 8 at Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM).

“Faced with a kind of continuous tsunami at all levels of our lives, what are we being invited to do at the level of our deepest selves? Do we hear the call for inner transformation? Do we have the desire to journey within, to welcome our vulnerability, to rekindle the flame of our commitment? Are we still able to give birth to and rekindle the meaning of our lives? We are called to continually create our present and our future… in the small things as well as in the big things.”

Sr. Denise concluded her presentation by highlighting the path followed by Mother Marie-Rose, who “allowed herself to be transformed by God throughout her life.”  Referring to the tree on the poster, she pointed out how symbolic it is. “The tree is a living organism, in constant growth, in continual transformation. No tree is alone. Trees form a kind of community of care for each other and for all that surrounds them. To be transformed, we need each other. Just think about our SNJM community throughout its history.”

Following this presentation, the participants were invited to reflect on the theme and to share in small groups. The meeting then continued with a time of prayer and a ritual of missioning.

Due to the pandemic, this was the first large in-person gathering since 2019. The joy of being together was evidenced by the many hugs and happy conversations while enjoying the delicious refreshments.

When leaving at the end of the afternoon, many people were recalling the theme of the year as well as this particular quote cited by Sr. Denise: “I am called to be a creator until the end of my life, so that life is my life, and death is my death.”