An Out-of-the-Ordinary Golden Jubilee

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Do you remember the days of the “station wagon”? Sister Germaine Blouin remembers them very well. She drove a few models of this type of vehicle.

During a festive activity, the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) marked the golden jubilee of the ministry of their Sister, who, driving a variety of vehicles for 50 years, has brought many Sisters to their destinations.

If the vehicles have changed, so have the roads, as well as the increasingly heavy traffic and the many detours caused by road work. No matter, Sr. Germaine knows where she is going. Her knowledge of the area always provides her with options.

Sisters Yolande Crépeau and Gabrielle Brunet recalled the great patience Sr. Germaine has in the accomplishment of her mission. Patience on the road itself and of course, patience while waiting for appointments in hospitals, clinics and other destinations.

Those in charge of this celebration also mentioned the thoughtfulness that Sr. Germaine brought to their daily lives. In her speech, Sr. Yolande mentioned in particular: “The first “family car” that you drove had a second back seat that faced the back window. How thoughtful of you to put the youngest Sisters in that seat and to gently close the door! Having a foot-stool available for those who need it to get in and out of the car; and especially to wait, to wait for a safe return. And every day, it started over again… ”  

Discreet by nature, Sr. Germaine carries out her mission with great generosity, according to Sr. Gabrielle, “Once all the Sisters are comfortably seated and well secured, you, with your watchful eye and your guardian angel guiding you, leave gently, but surely… And Germaine knows where to go… With her you feel confident and safe. I think that you are connected to the One who guides you and keeps you safe whenever you are driving.”  

Moved by the kindness of this gesture of recognition, Sr. Germaine expressed her thanks. “… a heartfelt thank you for the joy received on the occasion of my 50 years of chauffeur service. It has been an easy task for me to serve my community, with joy and listening to each one… I am very grateful to God for having protected me on my countless paths. It was with happiness and consistency that I served each day.”

A golden jubilee does not change a person. Sr. Germaine still continues her ministry with the same vigilance.

Photo credits: Sr Suzanne Brault