Moments of Thanksgiving and Celebration at Maison Jésus-Marie

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During May, a month dedicated to Mary, activities were planned by the SNJM leadership Team of Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) to mark two special weeks: one in thanksgiving for the nursing personnel and the other to honor the Sisters.

During National Nursing Week, which began on May 9, the floors of the two pavilions were decorated and garnished with flowers to show everyone’s appreciation for the work of the nursing personnel. Throughout the week, the staff was also invited to festive meals at times that accommodated their schedules. The Leadership Team and Sisters expressed their appreciation for the dedication of the staff. 

As an example, the SNJM leadership Team  arranged for a delivery of large helium balloons with THANK YOU written on them.  Upon delivery, they sang a hearty thank you in recognition of the quality of presence and care given to the Sisters.  Baskets of clementines were placed in the administrative staff dining room and at nursing stations on each floor of St. Charles Pavilion. These were re-filled throughout the week. A thoughtful touch that was appreciated by the staff.

Children’s Drawings for Seniors’ Week

A mini violin concert on the floors of the Saint-Charles Pavilion and also during lunch time in the cafeteria of Saint-André Pavilion, officially opened the activities of Seniors’ Week. Émilie Bélanger, administrative secretary at MJM and musician-at-heart, shared her passion with a well-informed audience.

The following day, a snack with sugar-shack flavors delighted many a palate; and on Thursday, the chef also prepared his first BBQ meal. Due to the cool weather, the meal was held inside, but everything was cooked on the BBQ. Indeed, a taste of summer!

An exhibition of art work, created by the children of the employees, closed this week of activities where a few other surprises enhanced the daily life of the Sisters at Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM).

Photo credits: Sr. Suzanne Brault and Sr Hélène Harvey