Renewal of Promises: Committed to a Common Mission

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Geneviève Noël, SNJM Associate

On May 1, the renewal of promises ceremony for two francophone Associates delighted those in attendance for several reasons. First of all, it was only the second time in over two years that the SNJM francophone Associates were able to hold a gathering in person.

Also, for the twenty or so people present, the locale for the gathering, the chapel in the Congregational House, gave a special flavor to this very inspiring ceremony.

“I am very happy that the celebration of our commitment as Associates could take place in the chapel of the Congregational House,” said Geneviève Noël. “Since the very first time I came to this house, these sacred places have spoken to me and energized me. In the chapel and elsewhere I feel Mother Marie-Rose praying and working. Naively, I tell myself that she and I are committed to the same mission, just in different ways.”

Yasmine Matar, SNJM Associate

These words are corroborated by Yasmine Matar, Geneviève’s colleague both at work and as an Associate. “It was important and highly significant for me to renew my commitment in this sacred space where Mother Marie-Rose prayed and where so many SNJM Sisters have celebrated together their unity and their love for God. Each word was like a spark that fueled the fire that is already present in this place and in each person.”

An inspiring celebration

Many people participated in this renewal of promises. Sister Claudette Bastien facilitated the ceremony and set the tone with her words, “We are called to be open to different transformations in our lives. As we begin this celebration, let us ask the Lord to change our hearts and make them capable of liberating life and setting the earth on fire with love.

Sr. Claudette Bastien at the renewal ceremony of the two SNJM associates

Each of the two associates, who had made their first commitment virtually last year, shared on her personal journey within the large SNJM family. This was followed by the renewal of their promises and several readings before the missioning by Sister Denise Riel: “In the names of Jesus and Mary, wherever we live and work, we want to be an educational presence that influences our environment according to the Gospel values of love, justice, and peace. 

Sister Thérèse Laplante, as the person responsible for the formation of the two associates, confessed that she “experienced many emotions throughout the celebration” which marked the culmination of a profound journey. “These are serious women of experience who are deeply committed.  They are on fire…”

This celebration, prepared by Sr. Claudette and Ms. Anne-Marie Montpetit, was inspiring from all points of view.

Photo report: Sr. Suzanne Brault