Maison des enfants Marie-Rose Has the Wind in Its Sails!

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There is no lack of activities at Maison des enfants Marie-Rose (MDEMR) in Beauharnois. In addition to the regular activities centered on the arts, music and physical activity, there are culinary and educational activities as well as a day camp. The registration period for this 15th day camp is underway.

Since the renovation of the Ellice Manor, the Marie-Rose Children’s Home benefits from being an enchanting place. It can welcome more children from the four surrounding MRC’s and diversify its activities. With the availability of more space and the help of volunteers, the organization has improved its program of activities. Reading, newspaper clubs and board games are now part of the services offered.

The beauty of this place encourages many people and organizations to rent rooms. It greatly benefits the self-financing for this non-profit Organization founded in 2007 by Janine Lefebvre, a former student of the SNJM’s in Beauharnois. A cultural café has also been set up and, in addition to selling coffee, tea and muffins, several activities are held, including monthly conferences from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm during which soup is made available! Indeed, a great success! Roland Viau, an anthropologist, will be the guest speaker in May. The idea of holding monthly concerts with the help of the municipality is even being considered.

In search of musical instruments

The arrival of Alain Dubuc as Mayor of Beauharnois, who has also been a member of the MDEMR’s Board of Directors for several years, has had a positive impact. This partnership with the City brings new perspectives to the MDEMR, which at the same time benefits from the support of its cultural activities. This awareness of the cause of children on the part of municipal authorities and the community could possibly lead to the creation of a Foundation to help children in the region.

In order to pursue its objectives of offering meaningful artistic activities to children to help develop their self-esteem, the MDEMR is always looking for musical instruments: guitars, flutes, etc., and even a quality concert piano. A lighting system for the Manor’s stage would meet the organization’s expectations.

Janine Lefebvre, founder of the MDEMR and the new Executive Director, Rodolphe Demers

Since January 2022, the direction of the Organization has been assumed by Rodolphe Demers. “I humbly accept being the director of Maison des enfants. Succeeding Janine Lefebvre, the founder, who has been the soul of the Organization for all these years is a great challenge. It is a real pleasure to contribute to the development of children in this enchanting place that is the Manor. A big thank you to the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) and to all the donors for their support in this renovation project.”

Photo Source: Maison des enfants Marie-Rose