In Solidarity With Starving People

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For the past eight years, the Sisters at Maison Jésus-Marie (MJM) have been participating in a Lenten activity: the hunger meal. “It is an opportunity to experience what others feel on a daily basis”, underlines Sr. Gabrielle Brunet, who initiated this activity.

A missionary in Haiti for 28 years, Sr. Gabrielle is sensitive to the very difficult living conditions of many impoverished people in Haiti as well as here. She therefore suggested organizing a hunger meal during which only a bowl of soup and bread (accompanied with butter or cheese) is served. It is eaten in silence and is followed by a time of reflection and a period of sharing.

From left to right, Sisters Rita Marcoux, Rita Brière, Gabrielle Brunet.

It is important to note that this activity fits in perfectly with the “Development and Peace” Lenten campaign focused on the theme This Lent, Let’s Put People and the Planet First. Sr. Jeanne Dagenais facilitated the reflection and sharing component. Some of the participants commented that this very enriching meal raised their awareness.

Sr Monique L’Écuyer (seated) and Sr Jeanne Dagenais

This year, the reflection focused on the Scripture text of the multiplication of the loaves. Sr. Jeanne guided the discussion by inviting the Sisters to express what the bread represents and also on their actions of sharing carried out in recent months: contributing to Operation Shoebox to help itinerants and the homeless, sending out Mother’s Day cards and distributing hundreds of knitted goods for several causes in the region.

In addition to all these gestures of sharing, we must also mention the monetary donation the Sisters gave to the “Development and Peace” fundraising campaign. This campaign aims to help marginalized populations in certain parts of the world, including South American countries.

This event demonstrates the awareness of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM) to current realities. “We cannot remain insensitive to all that is happening today,” concludes Sr. Gabrielle.

Photo credits: Sr Hélène Harvey