Technology at the Service of the Sisters

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Fr. Fontaine, the chaplain, wears the transmitter around his neck.

The decision taken by the Board of Directors of Maison Jésus-Marie to purchase technological communication equipment was enthusiastically applauded by all the hearing-impaired Sisters.

This acquisition has greatly improved their quality of life. “This is the best purchase that has been made in years,” says one Sister who can once again fully participate in group activities.

The technological communication system, which includes transmitters and receivers, along with a mobile sound column, can be moved to specific rooms or to the chapel. This system is available to facilitators and to those who are hearing-impaired, during their activities.  These user-friendly headphones, boost the Sisters’ self-confidence  and facilitate their engagement in various community activities.

Since the introduction of this equipment was introduced, Ii’s wonderful to see the sparkle in the eyes of some and the boost of energy in others. A 103-year-old Sister can now enthusiastically follow the instructions during the sessions offered by the kinesiologist. There are those who can finally share with each other during activities.

Sisters Magella and Thérèse Cadorette appreciate this new equipment.

This technological equipment, affectionately called “bionic ears” has radically changed the lives of many Sisters who now have a much better quality of life.  In addition, they greatly facilitate the task of those who accompany them to their activities. In short, this acquisition is helping everyone.

Photo credits: Sr. Hélène Harvey